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Every company needs an image! An image you can use on business cards, websites, vinyl signage, embroidery, labels and CD/DVDs. When you have Garrison Grafixx design your logo, you get your logo in all these different ways, plus a CD so you can do your own letterhead and envelopes right at your own desk.

Many design companies hold your logo "hostage" and it's only that particular designer that can print anything for you. Not Garrison Grafixx!!! We want you to come back to us, of course, but sometimes you aren't able - whether it be because of time restraints, finances or whatever. Your logo is YOURS to do with as you please. And we are happy to make you happy.

Below are examples of logos we have created...

studiomax slipserve american cocker

corpbuilding elkcreek fififoofoo flintridge

freshcoat loverville queenslane rosesprings

for more information, quotes or questions, please don't hesitate to e-mail or call:

Garrison Grafixx - Aloha, OR - 503-317-5530 (studio) - 503-214-9985 (fax) - email