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Are you spending your money wisely?

So, you got your new computer, and a top-of-the-line inkjet printer came with it. You figure that you’ll just run to the office supply store, pick up some pre-scored sheets of business cards and print some up yourself. HOLD ON! Think about this before you spend the money on those sheets.

First of all, they have those darned perforated edges so you can separate the cards. No matter how careful you are, you’ll still see the notches around the edges when you separate them. Second, they’re never as thick as offset printed cards are because your desktop printer is not set up to handle the thick cardstock. Your customer will know right away that you skimped on the stock. Third, by the time you factor in the ink you used, the cost of the paper and the time it took you to design them and get them to print out properly on the sheet with each one in the exact position as the one next to it, you’ll have spent 3 times what it would have cost you to have full color cards printed professionally. Full color business cards are quite inexpensive to have designed, printed, cut and boxed, so why not make the best first impression you can - have your business cards professionally printed and look your best.

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