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digit-imageOK - here's the deal. You've got this great logo and you want your employees to wear embroidered shirts. Or, you are tired of giving the same-ol', same-ol' gifts for employee rewards, or customer thank-yous.

So, you're thinking of having a few things embroidered. But, when you check the internet for embroidery companies, they have minimums - you have to buy 25 shirts or more, or you have to buy 100 golf towels for embroidery - not only is it costly, but what in the heck are you going to do with 100 golf towels, and you've only got 3 employees - you don't need 25 shirts.

With my software, I can take the logo and digitize it so my embroidery machine (Bernina Deco 330) can do a few shirts or a few golf towels, and it won't cost you an arm or a leg! My machine is not an industrial machine, so heavy denim jackets, or sweatshirts it's can't handle. But, I can do t-shirts, polo shirts, golf towels, hand-towels, handkerchiefs, totes and just about anything you might want to use.

Think about raising money for your church or school by having totes embroidered and reselling. Soapmakers, think about "soap sacks" to use as gift bags with your soaps with your logo or company name embroidered. Sachets, pillowcases... well, you get the idea.

And, for those of you who DO want 25 or more shirts or 100 golf towels, I can STILL digitize your logo and upload it to the company who's going to do your stitching. This way, your image is still safe (nobody can use it for their own use), and the colors remain as you want because I have the original file and can color match here. I work with a fantastic company who commercially embroiders and together, we can make you look fantastic.

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