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Logo Design

Your logo can make or break your business. When starting a business, it is recommended that you create a logo for identity. By having an emblem to represent your company, it makes it easier for others to recognize you and also is kind of a "shorthand" - a quick way to get spotted and much simpler than writing out your company name on everything you market. Garrison Grafixx has hundreds of graphics that are potential logos, or can create one just for you. After all, it's your company, your identity, it should be your logo.

Graphic Design

Logo design, flyers, brochures, catalogs, stationery... oh my! Grab your audience's attention with graphic design created especially for you by Garrison Grafixx! Whether you're looking for "earth-y" or "pizzazz-y," "tech-y" or subdued, we can create a look to fit your company's image.

Desktop Publishing

Design can be costly. You are on a budget - a tight one. You need a few brochures, a flyer, something to hand out to potential customers, incorporating your company's logo and information, but don't want four million of them printed all at once. We can create just what you need, just exactly how many you need, and in the time frame you need them in. Printshops want to charge less for more - we charge less for less. No wasted paper, outdated information or boxes of unused brochures hanging around the office. We'll keep your job on disk, and can reprint as you need copies or change information as your company grows. Garrison Grafixx will work with you whether it be cost, time frame, full graphic design overhaul, or changing information. All information is confidential and will be stored on disk and held until you're ready for the next batch to be printed. Call us for your next great idea!

Business Cards

The business card is your first opportunity to present yourself in your "business hat." It should reflect the style of your company as well as giving all of the necessary information required to reach you. Don't forget, there are no rules written in stone that say your business card must be a certain size, or in a horizontal layout - some of the greatest business cards are in the vertical format and a little larger than normal. This not only will draw attention to your company, but will show that you are not afraid to poke your head above the crowd and be seen.

Business Identity Package

Everything you need for your new business! You can get your business cards, stationery, and your website designed and hosted here... save yourself time and money by doing business with one place!

You get:

  • One single color logo designed
  • Two page website, including feedback form (courtesy of MG Development
  • Six months of Hosting (courtesy of MG Development
  • Submission to 400 Search Engines (courtesy of MG Development
  • Domain name registered (www.yourcompany.com) (courtesy of MG Development
  • One static, 468 x 60 Web Banner (courtesy of MG Development
  • 1,000 Business Cards (Two colors maximum) designed and printed
  • 500 Letterhead (Two colors maximum) designed and printed
  • 500 Envelopes (Two colors maximum) designed and printed
All for only $1,500!

Website-Less Option:

  • One single color logo designed (up to 3 hours)
  • 500 Business Cards (Two colors maximum) designed and printed
  • 500 Letterhead (Two colors maximum) designed and printed
  • 500 Envelopes (Two colors maximum) designed and printed
All for only $500!



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